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Gakuen Heights

Gakuen Heights

6 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station
With parking lot (free) / Pet negotiable

Good Point!!

Building features


- With bathroom dryer

グループ 3134.png

- the internet
Wi-Fi available

グループ 3133.png

- Thick wall soundproof



■ The exterior walls are all brick tiles with a heavy feeling.

■Luxury entrance hall reminiscent of a palace. With courtyard.
■ Condensation prevention by spraying urethane on the inner wall of concrete.

■ Safe design with thick walls, soundproofing and earthquake resistance.
■Entrance is an auto-lock double automatic door. ■ Fire hydrant equipment for emergencies.

■ Enough green belts are secured.
■ Elevator is glass for crime prevention. ■External corridors are non-slip.
■Water supply uses stainless steel pump which is hard to be rusted. (Uses ARSS resin)

■ B FLET'S compatible ■ BS/CS compatible



■24-hour security An auto-lock TV intercom system that prevents unauthorized persons from entering.
■ 24-hour locker for receiving parcels You can receive parcels and request cleaning even when you are not at home.
■ Feeling of people
Even if you come home in the dark with the sensor, the light will automatically turn on in the entrance.

■ The entrance is covered with high-grade marble and uses the highest grade entrance door.

■Floor is a double floor structure, a flat floor that is safe even for the elderly.
■A bay window with a deep depth that emphasizes daylighting.

■ Wooden system kitchen. All-over design tile finish.

■24 hot water heaters can supply hot water in two places at the same time.

■ 2-line telephone system for each room. Fax can be used simultaneously.

■ Equipped with 2 gas air conditioners. 2LDK comes with 2 air conditioners.

Interior reference materials

Floor plan

2 layouts to choose from

A building 20 households, B building 20 households

Tailored to your family structure and lifestyle
We have 2 room types available.

Surrounding facilities


6 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station

Gakuen Heights

2-12-15 Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Building information

Tskuba-city, Ibaraki-prefSengen 2-12-15
6 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station
of houses
A building 20 households, B building 20 households
Floor plan
reinforced concrete
Yes (free)
From 28,000 yen
Common service fee 1,000 yen
key money
1 month
2 months (3 months if you live with a pet)
Living with pets
・Auto bath with bathroom dryer
heated washlet
・Double floor structure

・Rooms with shoji screens
・Equipped with delivery box

Equipped with 2 gas air conditioners
(2LDK comes with 2 air conditioners.)

・B FLET'S compatible​
​・BS・CS compatible


*9:00-18:00 (except Wednesday)



Reservations for previews and inquiries are accepted by phone and online.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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