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Grand Palace


Grand Palace NS-6

8 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station
With parking / Pets negotiable

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Building features

グループ 3137.png

- With bathroom dryer

グループ 3136.png

- 24 hours security

グループ 3135.png

- Equipped with delivery box

グループ 3134.png

- the internet
Wi-Fi available

グループ 3133.png

- Thick wall soundproof


Interior features

■ Reinforced concrete, wall pressure soundproofing, seismic safety slabs construction method design
■The private balcony is spacious ■Semi-permanently rust-free hot water system and water pipes
■ State-of-the-art ultra-luxury face-to-face counter kitchen

■ Curtain rails with stainless steel double hooks

All rooms are double-glazed for excellent heat insulation and soundproofing, and room temperature control is perfect.
■ Ventilation inside the room ■ Ventilation in the washroom ■ Highest grade flooring material

■ Highest grade artificial marble finish■Toilet with high-end new siphon-type washlet

■Each unit is fully air-conditioned ■Intercom with TV camera installed
■Powerful range ■Complete security card key adoption ■Bathroom heating/drying ventilation fan adoption

■All units with hanging cupboards in main areas ■Quiet residential area

■B FLET'S compatible ■BS/CS compatible


Outdoor features

■ Marble-paved entrance reminiscent of a palace ■ 2-meter wooden fixtures used
■ The parking lot is equipped with a 4-level anti-theft device on the ground for peace of mind.
■Two courtyards installed ■Glass-enclosed security elevators ■External corridors are non-slip
■Extremely large No. 24 water heater ■Brick tiles of the highest quality ■Luxury inner courtyard ■Wide stairs ■Dial post installed

Interior reference materials

Floor plan

6 floor plans to choose from

76 households

Tailored to your family structure and lifestyle
We have 6 room types available.

Surrounding facilities