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Grand Palace


Grand Palace NS-5

10 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen Station
With parking lot and bicycle parking / Pet negotiable

Good Point!!

Building features

グループ 3137.png

- With bathroom dryer

グループ 3136.png

- 24 hours security

グループ 3135.png

- Equipped with delivery box

グループ 3134.png

- the internet
Wi-Fi available

グループ 3133.png

- Wall pressure soundproofing


Interior features

■ Reinforced concrete, wall pressure soundproofing, seismic safety slabs construction method design
■Exclusive balcony is spacious with a depth of 1.7m

■Semi-permanently rust-free hot water system and water pipes
■ State-of-the-art ultra-luxury face-to-face counter kitchens (many available)

■ Curtain rails with stainless steel double hooks
■Highest grade flooring materials used

■All rooms are double glazed with excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, and soundproofing, and room temperature control is perfect.■ Top-grade artificial marble bathroom ■ Powerful range

■ Door locks compatible with picking guards■Bathroom heating/drying ventilation fan adopted

■Equipped with heat retention and reheating function (2LDK only) ■Hanging cupboards in main parts of all units

■Ventilation opening inside the room ■Extremely large closet ■Internet function in all rooms

■ Equipped with 2 line modular jacks in each room ■ B FLET'S compatible ■ BS/CS compatible


Outdoor features

■Entrance reminiscent of a palace ■Object with a motif of a sailing boat on Lake Kasumigaura

■Bicycle parking has a two-stage anti-theft device for peace of mind
■Extremely large No. 24 water heater ■Using 2m wooden fittings ■Dial-type post installed

■Environment rich in nature surrounded by greenery
■Two courtyards are installed. ■Brick tiles of the highest quality. ■Spacious 1.5m stairs.

■There is also a dedicated warehouse. (First-come-first-served basis)
■General parking space is large (approximately 3,000 tsubo) ■Elevator has anti-theft glass

■Exterior hallway is covered with non-slip

■Enhancement of emergency fire extinguishing equipment and sufficient green zone

■60cm deep bay window with emphasis on daylighting ■Japanese-style roomshoji on the balcony side

■Automatic entrance lighting with motion sensor

■Hot water system for 5 locations: 2 bathrooms, washroom, kitchen, and washing machine
■ Luxury entrance door covered with the finest artificial marble

■ Double floor structure​ Reduces noise and improves cooling and warming effects

■All rooms are equipped with air conditioning ■Large shoe cupboards of the highest quality

Interior reference materials

Floor plan

6 floor plans to choose from

89 households

Tailored to your family structure and lifestyle
We have 6 room types available.

Surrounding facilities


10 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen Station

Grand Palace NS-5

455-1 Nishitsubogo, Shinozaki, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Building information

455-1 Nishitsubogo, Shinozaki, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
10 minutes by car from Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen Station
of houses
89 households
Floor plan
reinforced concrete
Yes (4,000 yen per month, 2 to 3 cars available on site)
From 45,000 yen
Common service fee 3,000 yen
key money
1 month
2 months
Living with pets
Pet negotiable
・Bathroom with dryer
・Dial type post installation
・Equipped with delivery box
・High-end new system kitchen
・Multi-layered glass in all rooms
・ Highest grade new model heated washlet
・Latest single-lever bathroom vanity
・All rooms are air-conditioned

・B FLET'S compatible​
​・BS・CS compatible


*9:00-18:00 (except Wednesday)



Reservations for previews and inquiries are accepted by phone and online.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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